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Value tools & Training

Value tools helps to demonstrate the added value of your innovation for decision makers, end-clients and relevant stakeholders.


You know the added value of your innovation better than anyone else. But does your colleague know as well? And wouldn’t it be useful if your end-user also feels the same way?

Value messages

Value tools can help you send a message in a highly visual and interactive manner, allowing you to present simulations during meetings with your business partner.

For example, you can graph the cost of your innovation against clinical added value, easily demonstrating the investment per clinical unit (e.g. 1 month of additional survival). Your innovation may well be the most expensive per sale unit compared with ‘standard of care’, but not if all factors are included in the calculation!

Easy to understand

A picture also says more than a thousand words in medical imaging. Simple navigation allows you to start and guide your meetings in a clear and to-the-point manner.

Excel or more advanced

HEBIAS does not develop software, but we fully understand your needs and simulate the necessary tools in an Excel environment. We then work with external experts who can translate the Excel data perfectly to the operating system of your electronic device (iPad, tablet, smartphone), but you are also free to tackle this on your own.

Training sessions (classroom or individual)

Last but not least, HEBIAS provides technical training because our clients regularly ask about building and/or updating models themselves. HEBIAS training programmes are designed to ensure your team can tackle the challenge on their own – that is our goal. We provide both one-on-one training or more general training in which interactive templates can be followed by a group, to turn your people into experts.

  • market access, introduction
  • budget impact, theory & modelling
  • sensitivity analysis (DSA & PSA)
  • health economics


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