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Data analysis

How to select the best data?
Sensitivity analysis
Scenario analysis
Subgroup analysis
Sales flow & forecasting


It all begins with reliable data. How do you select the most optimal data, and how best to process them? Should you perform your calculations based on the mean, or is the median a better option? And how can you test whether these are robust enough?

Sensitivity analysis

HEBIAS helps you process data and performs extensive sensitivity analyses (deterministic or probabilistic), and provides you with a graphical overview of the results. This allows you to easily elaborate scenarios in order to develop an optimal evidence-based strategy.

Data collection

We will help you at a very early stage with the collection of data from your (clinical) studies. Those data will eventually allow the correct conclusions to be drawn, without the need for expensive and time-consuming post-hoc analyses.

Direct and indirect comparison

And if only immature data or limited reference points are available, we will gladly help you assess the clinical evidence as reliably as possible. You will also be informed if additional evidence is desirable, and where our gut feeling is superseded by statistics.

Deterministic forecasting

Forecast studies and exploring market potential are an integral part of our activities. We are aware that departments are not always on the same wavelength, but are both right based on their own point of view! A neutral mediator like HEBIAS can help to achieve consensus.

Tax calculations

If you are already active in the market, we will process your turnover data and annual tax calculations. We will also pro-actively analyse the effect of changes to legislation on your portfolio, to ensure you can make the necessary decisions in a timely manner.

We like to keep things simple, although we do not shy away from complex challenges.

Regardless of your support or validation needs, let us know and we will see what is possible.