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Vision & Mission


HEBIAS targets the highest possible societal health gain related to innovative pharmaceuticals, MedTech and diagnostic tests …


… by providing guidance all the way from the design of clinical studies to the post-launch phase, in addition to the classic market access consultancy services.


The world of pricing and reimbursement of innovative healthcare products is becoming increasingly complex due to fixed/predetermined government budgets and strained social security systems.

This evolution is accompanied by stricter regulations and more stringent assessment of the actual efficacy and cost-effectiveness of medication. Companies have a vested interest in excellent positioning of their new pharmaceuticals, MedTech products and diagnostic tests based on the greatest possible societal gains.

HEBIAS is a strategic partner for healthcare companies, and can advise at an early stage on how data collection and target group segmentation may result in more optimal market access in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

In order to enable companies to penetrate the market more efficiently and effectively following marketing authorisation, HEBIAS makes its research results available via dynamic, tailored models that chart potential cost-effectiveness scenarios.

HEBIAS of course can also offer classic consultancy services for market access, building on clinical data that already has been collected.


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