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Data collection

How to collect robust clinical evidence & epidemiology data?
Delphi panels or survey?
Targeted or systematic?
How to validate?


We know the frustration: you receive a lot of data from head office, or none at all.

Patient flow

And what about clinical practice? We are often asked to estimate how many patients there are exactly, and what these patients go through in clinical practice. What is the therapeutic schedule followed, and how does your innovation affect this, taking your future marketing authorisation into account.

Survey and Delphi panel technique

HEBIAS provides the required framework and transparently discusses a plan of action. Achievable and efficient. We help you draft a to-the-point questionnaire you can send to your key opinion leaders or other stakeholders, and provide a clear overview of the results as required.

We will also organize independent advisory boards and Delphi panels for you, and moderate as desired. You will receive a report with clear, consolidated data that can be used immediately in your further analyses.

Literature search

We also search the literature – deterministically or systematically – to approach your project in a bespoke way, and can sometimes achieve a great deal with limited information.


As a client, you will be given the opportunity to nose around in our database. HEBIAS has historical data on 7600 medicinal product packages and know exactly when they were launched and when price changes occurred, or what indications these were related to.

However, you are right, this is a complex matter. Don’t worry, we will gladly help you on your way and, if there is anything we are uncertain about, we have our extensive network to fall back on.


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