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Market access

HEBIAS offers ‘A to Z’ market access related services to target innovation at the most valuable position for the company and society by use of dynamic health economic models subjected to strong validation processes.


Your innovation must provide clinical added value in the market – that is part of our DNA.

Define the needs

Together with you, HEBIAS will define the needs within your project and align them with local guidelines and legislation, after which you can decide how we can assist you in terms of strategy and/or execution.

We will help you compose price requests addressed to Economic Affairs for both reimbursed and non-reimbursed innovations. HEBIAS is also a partner for your reimbursement requests, based on the heart of the story.

Data collection

We collect the necessary data and, where required, interview specialists until consensus is achieved. Setting up neutral support via Delphi panels is also something HEBIAS is familiar with. And if you want to take a broader view – we have a team of experts waiting for you.


We are driven to build or redesign models in order to create user-friendly, dynamic models that help estimate epidemiology, budget impact analyses and health economic analyses. We keep everything transparent, our goal is for you to understand everything from A to Z. More than that, we want you to be able to work effectively and without complexity, optimising your own quality of life.


In addition to our models, HEBIAS provides all required dossier items, including reports, all neatly aligned. No surprises, to-the-point and consistent with your strategy and vision. We provide the necessary summaries in the language you require as standard.

Managed entry agreements

Additionally, HEBIAS has templates that can help you set up and follow up managed entry agreements. These templates allow you to estimate the potential impact of a government project in advance.

Lifecycle management

We help you precisely estimate when legally mandate price drops come into effect. It allows you to define your budgets precisely, and optimise the required operational strategic choices.

Post-Launch activities

Finally, HEBIAS can offer you a broad range of post-launch activities designed to maintain or even strengthen your market access.


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