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Forecast models

Sales flow analysis

Art. 111 - 114

Price dossiers

Value tools


Reimbursement dossier

Poster & Abstract

Phase IV study support

Life cycle management

Data collection


Validation of data

Submission activities

Day 0-180

Managed Entry Agreements

P & R strategy

Mapping of sales flow

Literature review

CE analysis

Delphi panels

Data analysis

International KOL boards

CNK code

Gap analysis

Patient flow


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What can HEBIAS do for you?


How  should you go about collecting the most optimal data? How can you avoid post-hoc analysis? Full scope or subgroup? Project management …

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Data collection

How should you go about collecting robust clinical evidence & epidemiology data? Delphi panels or survey? Targeted or systematic? How should they be validated? …

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Data analysis

How can you select the best data? Sensitivity analysis Scenario analysis – Subgroup results – Sales flow & forecasting – …

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Market access

HEBIAS offers ‘A to Z’ market access-related services to target innovation where it will produce the most valuable result.

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Value tools

Value tools helps to demonstrate the added value of your innovation for decision makers, end-clients and relevant stakeholders.

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Diagnostic Tests

Medical devices

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We target the highest possible societal health gain related to innovative drugs, medical devices and diagnostic tests.


We provide guidance from the set-up of clinical studies through post-launch as well as classic market access consultancy.


HEBIAS helps to bring your innovation to the market in the optimal way.


An optimised market access process starts from the set up of a clinical trial. • HEBIAS helps to indicate which data should be collected and how economic models should be designed or aligned to introduce and maintain your innovation on the market. • HEBIAS implements a multidisciplinary approach by going beyond the limits of classic consultancy.

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