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ISO certified since June 2020


HEBIAS has been offering its expertise to its professional partners since 2018. This is built on 15 years of accumulated knowledge in the domains of marketing & sales, regulatory affairs and market access activities.

Where companies apply ‘patient centricity’, HEBIAS applies ‘customer centricity’, aiming to address the formulated goals while staying true to its own identity.


The primary goal of HEBIAS is to simply and transparently support the client in achieving their goals. As outlined by our company mission and vision, as a business partner, we try to provide insights into potential strategies in order to help you achieve your objectives.

HEBIAS began as a one-person company, but has since grown to include multiple consultants within the HEBIAS framework, in order to provide optimal, broad-ranging service and quality.

In parallel to these developments, we have implemented a quality system that helps us guide you in a validated manner. The unique HEBIAS proposition is the support we offer clients starting from the conceptual stage, within set budgets, with an ‘A to Z’ offering.

HEBIAS offers its expertise in a broad range of domains and has access to a strong network in both regulatory sectors and among health care providers.

For each job, we accept the challenge of fully involving the client in a transparent partnership, and try to motivate the client to take control of the process wherever possible.

We design or update your models until they are fully compliant with the applicable regulations, enabling you to manage them with ease and develop ‘optimized innovation’ scenarios.

The technical reports as well as the reimbursement files are designed with the greatest care.

Please feel free to get a taste of our enthusiasm!


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